Elevate a winning culture…

 by cultivating health and wellness

Well-Being is not just nice to have…it’s a strategic business imperative!

Together, we’ll help you establish a health and wellness strategy that aligns with your business goals, people plan, and creates a culture of health!

I’m Jill Kane, Executive Wellness Leadership Consultant, Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador and HR professional. With over 20 years’ specializing in total rewards, I have a deep understanding of the connection between pay, performance, culture, and wellness. My approach is to act as your strategic partner in the development and enhancement of a healthy, vibrant workplace for business growth and success!

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Workplace Wellness

Comprehensive wellness solutions for a healthy, vibrant and engaged workplace. Multi-dimensional well-being campaigns, assessments, workshops, and leadership training and more!

The Wellness Business Mentorship

For entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry who are ready to create consistent, recurring income in their businesses. 


The remote work model became a necessity last year. As companies contemplate the implications and weigh the options between bringing employees back fully onsite, adopting a hybrid schedule, or continuing with full remote, one thing is clear: well-being matters….

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Workplace wellness programs can sometimes be thought of as a ‘nice to have’ feature provided to employees. They are somewhat of an afterthought, with the onus on the employee to investigate what is available and take advantage of the various offerings. While employees…

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There are two reasons why you may be attracting people who are not quite the right fit for your services, or not attracting clients at all.     External Reasons The most obvious first step is to audit your content. Your social media profiles, website copy, video and…

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