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Hello, I’m Jill Kane, Corporate Wellness Consultant and Holistic Health Coach.

Do you feel stuck in survival mode? Are you barely able to get through your never ending “to-do” list, and want to get your health and fitness back on track without having to rely on overly restrictive diets and spending tons of time (that you don’t have) in the gym?

On top of dealing with your hectic schedule and every day stress, do you feel like you can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to have a fit body, mental clarity and focus, and feel confident in how you look, feel and present yourself?

Not only is it possible, but it could be a whole lot closer than you think!  Let me show you how.

If you are done with constantly feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and time and energy crunched and are ready to learn the secrets to total wellness that work best for YOU – then CONGRATS –  you are in the right place!

I’ll guide, support, coach and mentor you on how to create the transformation within and give you the tools you need to lead a happy, healthy, balanced life. I’m passionate about helping busy, working professionals just like you get out of grind-mode and start living with vitality and purpose.

My programs can be delivered live or virtually. Contact me today to see which option is the best fit for you.



Comprehensive wellness solutions for a healthy, vibrant and engaged work culture.


A total well-being program designed specifically for busy executives and leaders.

FOCUS on Healthy Eating

An intensive, 12 week interactive program that will change your relationship with food forever!


A 28 day program that will give you the jumpstart you need to get fit and healthy – mind, body and soul!

July 24, 2016

It is a great honor to offer this endorsement of Jill Kane, a KWC Inc. Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador.

As Project Leader of a group certification project in our Workplace Wellness Ambassador Program, Jill lead the creation of an innovative wellness campaign for use by all our KWC Inc. Master Ambassadors.

Jill also oversaw the initial production and launch of “Your Wellness Toolkit”,  a co-created, bi-monthly workplace wellness publication for use by our Ambassadors and Associates.  Our first publication was a resounding success thanks to her literary talents and strong leadership.

I would highly recommend Jill for any health coaching, or workplace wellness coaching/consulting opportunity that she felt qualified to deliver on.


President, Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc. Founder, Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification, Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc


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