Compensation Solutions  

I partner with business leaders to co-create a custom compensation strategy that fuels their next level of growth.

With more than two decades of experience designing pay strategies across a variety of industries, verticals, and organizational stages I now help businesses in hypergrowth get compensation right from the start.

Rapidly growing organizations hire me:

Through my work, my clients are able to benefit from customized Compensation Plans & Infrastructure designed to:

❇️ Elevate the employee experience.
❇️ Enable a clear pathway to growth and career progression.
❇️ Reward the right behaviors and turn employees into success partners.
❇️ Cultivate a high-trust environment.
❇️ Strengthen your employer brand.

A little more about me….

 Empathy is my #1 Strength: I take time to understand your needs and apply best practices and innovative thinking to create a tailor-made approach that best supports your organization. I believe a customized high-touch, consultative approach that considers your organization’s culture, unique circumstances, and sensitivity to communicating change is paramount.

 Health and well-being are my core values. I work with organizations to ensure that their entire total rewards proposition delivers more than just the tangible components of pay and benefits but that it also cultivates the emotional benefits of belonging and growth while building trust and commitment.

Let’s have a conversation! Reach out to learn more about how I can develop a customized solution that delivers the results you need.




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