Innovative Total Reward Solutions…

 that attract, engage, and retain world-class talent.

The stakes have never been higher in the competition for top talent.

You need a way to attract, engage, reward, and retain the best and the brightest. You need a long-term strategy to strengthen your employer brand and become a sought-after employer of choice. Pay is only one piece of the equation – you need a total rewards approach that turns employees into success partners as your company evolves and grows.

Together, I’ll help you establish a customized total rewards strategy that aligns with your organizational values, drives performance, and enriches your culture.

With more than two decades of experience designing HR solutions across a variety of industries, verticals, and organizational stages, I have a deep understanding of the connection between pay, performance, culture, and wellbeing. My approach is to act as your strategic partner and trusted advisor by building total reward programs and infrastructure that support a thriving workforce.


Total Rewards Solutions

Total Rewards Strategy & Design for Organizations


The rapid pace of disruption coupled with growing challenges within the talent market has made the CEOs job increasingly harder and it shows no signs of slowing down. How can HR leaders influence change and introduce new initiatives during such a transitional time?...

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  I was being interviewed for a book my colleague and friend is writing about how leaders can create an intentional culture of well-being and the many layers involved in the process. When she asked how we could bake wellness into the performance review process I...

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Only 3 out of 10 workers feel like their input is valued at work according to a 2017 study by Gallup. The cost? Increased turnover, disengagement and absenteeism. This study was done in 2017, prior to the major global disruptions that have occurred in the past four...

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