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From the outside, you look like the picture of success. You’re a smart, overachieving woman who can be counted on to show up for everyone in her life. Yet on the inside, you feel like a fraud because you’ve been struggling with your weight for so long. You’ve tried every diet out there and start out with guns blazing, but usually find your motivation fades away, especially when your demands at work and home take over your life. You are tired of bouncing from program to program and are losing hope that any of them will ever be the one that finally works.


I’m here to tell you, there is a better way…


I’m passionate about helping smart, busy, women like you lose stubborn fat and ditch the diet mentality so you can lead your life from a place of health, joy, and vitality.  I use a holistic approach to examine the ways in which all areas of your life are connected, and together we develop a wellness plan that works for you, no matter how hectic your lifestyle is. I want to help you remove the mental and physical barriers holding you back so you can get the body and life you deserve!

Wellness is a lifestyle for me, but that wasn’t always the case…


Like many young girls, in my teens, I was self-conscious and overly critical of my body and how I looked.  I wavered between periods of restrictive dieting and binging on junk food.  With each “failure,” I would become more and more depressed.  In college, I ate too little, exercised excessively and became obsessed with trying to be perfect. I ended up getting too thin, suffering from fainting spells and eventually pneumonia. After that, I was scared straight for a while, but I still struggled to find the right balance.

In my twenties, I idolized the female figure athletes in the fitness magazines and wanted to look like they did – lean, strong and fit.  When I found out about a local fitness camp, I signed up, thinking I would just be a spectator and take it all in. The coaches and team were so supportive and encouraging and told me I needed to do the next Fitness America Pageant show that was only 9 weeks away! I gave them every excuse in the book to put off competing, but they believed in me so I decided to go for it. It was inspiring to witness these competitors, women of all different ages and some with kids, transform their bodies and step on stage proud of what they’ve accomplished. Something about being on stage next to these women at that moment clicked for me.


My A-HA Moment…


I learned how to properly fuel and train my body and went on to compete in several more shows.  Not only did I become the most fit I had ever been, but I also changed how I acted in my own life.  The self-confidence I gained spilled over to and impacted every other area of my life. These competitions were a life-changing experience. They taught me that the limitations I set on myself would always prevent me from being successful in life. It was an important lesson and one that I have to remind myself of every day.

I thought about becoming a personal trainer and helping others get fit but it wasn’t quite the career I wanted to have.  I didn’t want to live in a gym. I also knew that my passion was bigger than just supervising client’s workouts, but I wasn’t sure how to turn this into a career for myself.  I stayed in my HR career and put off my dream of working with clients online. It seemed only the biggest fitness names were able to be successful at running that type of business anyways.

While competing was fun, it was also hard work. After a while, I found myself losing interest in being super-focused on fitness and wanted to just live as a normal, fit person. I liked the discipline it offered, but I felt like I missing out on going out with friends, dating, and relaxing a bit. So I took a break. In my mind, I was probably never going to compete again. But I was wrong.


I remembered a promise I made to myself…


Back in my late 20’s, I vividly remember the show announcer introducing each woman as she took the stage and recalled how many of these women were mothers. I knew one day I wanted to get out there and compete one last time after having kids just so I could prove to myself that I could do it. So that’s what I did.

At age 38, after having my two boys, I found a local show that was coming up that fall and kept my eye on it. I honestly didn’t know if I would really sign up.  I had no extra money for a trainer, and I had doubts that I would even be able to stick to whatever plan they would have given me anyways. With two toddlers and a full-time job, I knew I could not get to the gym or spend a lot of time creating fancy health-conscious meals.  I decided to use what I knew about nutrition and training to create my own plan and track things and adjust each week as I needed. My plan was a much more relaxed approach and focused on resting instead of just pushing myself harder and harder.  I coached myself. I discovered I was able to get amazing results with shorter workouts and basic uncomplicated meals. I worked out when I had time and when I didn’t I improvised, shifted my schedule and made it work. Since I hadn’t officially signed up for the show yet I never felt pressure to stick to any of it – but I did anyway!


Listening to my intuition paid off…


Four months later I was a new woman. Even though I felt like my body looked the fittest it had ever been I was even more impressed that I felt totally energized and great! While most competitors just expect to feel weaker and more tired as the show neared, I felt consistently great! After the show, I had my one cheat meal – a pub burger and fries with my friends who were starving after the show – and that was it. In the past, my post-show cravings lasted for weeks, and I quickly gained some rebound weight. This time was different. No out of control cravings. No rebound at all. It is funny because none of this was planned and all throughout my competition prep I kept wondering if I was doing things right. I was so used to following a plan. When I stopped trying to control everything and instead relied on listening to my own body’s intuition, it proved my body was smartest of all.


It can’t be this simple, can it?

I knew I had to share what I learned with other women who were struggling just as much as I was. The diet industry wants us to believe it has to be hard, and that you have to feel deprived, hungry and weak in order to lose weight and keep it off. I am here to say that is completely untrue!


I’m on a mission to start a movement…


My mission is to help women take back control of their health and well-being so they can feel their absolute best and do what excites them most in their life. Too many women have gotten to a place in their lives where they’ve silently given up on themselves. They’ve forgotten how to take care of themselves, which has resulted in burnout, frustration, and extra weight. I want to show them how to become the best version of themselves they can be – body and mind. Nothing excites me more than to help my clients embark on their healthy weight journey and discover how strong and capable they are in the process which translates into more success and happiness in other areas of their lives.

 I would love to help you reach your health and weight loss goals! If you would like to learn how to work with me please email me:

Jill [at]


My Core Values and What You Can Expect From Working With Me:

Commitment – I am committed to helping each and every one of my clients achieve their goals so they can live the full and enriching life they dream of.

Integrity – I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I want my clients to always know they can count on me and offer transparency and clarity in every interaction.

Accountability – I will hold you to your dreams and not let you quit or give up on yourself. There are many options for support available including weekly check-ins, email, phone, and text. You’ll learn tips and strategies to deal with challenges as they arise so you never feel alone in your journey.

Holistic Healthy Lifestyle Approach – My coaching style is based on helping your “whole self” live a healthy lifestyle: mind, body and spirit. Total wellness involves having a fit body, a nutrient-rich diet and a positive mindset that moves you towards your goals not away from them.

Simplicity– In order for healthy habits to last they need to be simple to understand and follow. Your program will be centered around YOUR needs and busy lifestyle.

Empowerment– Through working with me, you will learn to take control of your health, gain true freedom, and create a life you love.

Work with me…

Learn How You Can Become a Certified Workplace Wellness Ambassador.





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