Want to drop 10-30lbs of fat, gain definition, and have more energy, confidence, and time for yourself?

I can relate. After having two babies in my late thirties I didn’t think I would ever get back in shape. Finding the time and energy to workout seemed impossible and the idea of going on a diet sounded miserable. My body shape had changed, my hormones were off, and I didn’t want to just “accept” the extra 30 lbs and live with them!

Instead, I decided to fuel my body instead of deprive it. When my youngest turned one and stopped breastfeeding, I slowly began to take my training more seriously. My gym time became “me time” and a form of self-care. I noticed I was getting stronger and gaining muscle and leaning out (without really trying). I had no intentions of ever competing again, but remembered a promise I made to myself years before.

In my late twenties I competed in 5 shows (in Figure/Bikini) and remember being so in awe of the other competitors who were moms. The announcer would introduce each woman and ask the audience, can you believe she has 4 kids? They all looked phenomenal and had a special glow about them. I remember saying to myself in that moment, you are going to come back here after you have kids and light up this stage. Well, that promise became fulfilled 10 years later.

What I am most proud of is that I kept that promise to myself.  A lot of things changed in how I trained myself for that show including:
– Getting in workouts around my ever-changing schedule and still making progress
– Ditching the complicated and restrictive diets plans for a simple approach while still eating all my favorite foods
– Taking a big picture approach to it all. I visualized my goal and kept my eye on it. I allowed myself to be flexible in my methods, listen to my body and focused on consistency and progress over perfection.

Now I help women find a sane approach to transform their physique in a sustainable way. I want all women over 40 to know it’s not too late and you can look and feel amazing without the diet rollercoaster or spending hours in the gym. Learn more about how we can work together here.

Jill Kane, Founder

What You Can Expect From Me as Your Coach: 


Commitment – I am fully committed to helping you achieve your goals so you can live the full and enriching life you dream of.

Integrity – I live the healthy lifestyle I promote and have learned the right way to get results through years of experimenting, testing, learning, and coaching others to success.

Accountability – I will hold your dreams and not let you quit or give up on yourself. Many options for support available including: weekly check-ins, email, and text. You’ll learn tips and strategies to deal with challenges throughout the program.

Holistic Healthy Lifestyle Approach –  My coaching style is based on helping your “whole self” live a healthy lifestyle: mind, body and spirit. Total wellness involves having a fit body, a nutrient-rich diet and a positive mindset that moves you towards your goals not away from them.

Simplicity– You don’t need complicated workouts or restrictive diets. All of my programs are all centered around YOUR needs and busy lifestyle.

Empowerment– Through our time together you will learn to take charge of your health, gain energy, enthusiasm and show up strong in all areas of your life!

Work with me…