Comprehensive wellness solutions for healthy, vibrant and engaged employees.

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Infuse a culture of well-being with workplace wellness solutions designed from a holistic viewpoint.

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Did you know?

The most successful companies recognize the true value of prioritizing the health and well-being of their employees.

Wellness programs are not just nice to have; they are a critical strategic imperative to the success of your organization!

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Why invest in your employee’s well-being?

An employee’s state of well-being impacts the personal resources they bring to work with them each day. An employee with a low level of well-being is more distracted and less resilient.

Organizations that strive to improve their employee’s wellness both inside and outside of work, empower and enable them to excel in all areas of their lives.

The impact of a healthy, happy, highly engaged workforce goes beyond business results and reaches families and communities.

According to recent surveys by Gallup and 1to1 Media in partnership with Survey Monkey:


Percent of Respondents Who Say They Are Highly Motivated at Work


Percent of Respondents Who Say They Feel There's a General Lack of Concern and Care For Their Well-Being

Billion Dollars That Disengaged Employees Cost the U.S. Each Year in Lost Productivity

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Why Work with Me?

My workplace wellness solutions address all
dimensions of employee well-being:
Physical, Emotional, Career, Family,
Social, Financial, Intellectual and Environmental.

  • Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador & Certified Health Coach
  • 20+ years of strategic HR experience focused on employee rewards
  • Tailored campaigns to your organization’s specific needs using the programs and services that will best serve your employees.
  • On-going communication and implementation support services
  • Virtual customized solutions

Corporate Wellness Programs and Services 


  • Organizational Wellness Audit

  • Employee Needs and Interest Survey

  • Strategic Planning and Consulting

  • Workplace Wellness Leadership Training

  • Committee Development and Leadership

  • Workplace Wellness Policy Development

  • Lunch & Learns

  • Campaign Development and Delivery

  • Achieving Wellness Brandable Publication

Campaign Topics


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  • Stress Master Program
  • Focus on Healthy Eating – Mindful Eating & Lifestyle Program
  • Sleep Well to Live Well
  • Unplug2Recharge – Finding Balance in a Digital World
  • Healthy Meals on the Go
  • Healthy Habits for Busy Managers/Professionals
  • Workplace Happiness 360
  • Community Project Warm-Up for Seniors
  • Take Your Health to New Heights – Team-based Wellness Challenge
  • Living the Moment – Mindful Living Strategies
  • Ergonomic Wellness & Safety Solutions
  • Ease Stress with Holistic Nutrition
  • 4 Steps to Financial Well-being

2 easy steps to creating a healthier, high-performance organization…

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Step 2: Schedule a complimentary call where we’ll assess your organization’s needs and create a custom plan to get started.