The #1 results-based business growth accelerator for health and wellness experts who are ready to breakthrough to more freedom, flow, and consistent income!



Finally create a sustainable business model that will have you working less and earning more… while solidifying your status as an industry thought leader and in-demand health expert.

Investment: $450 x 6 months = $2700

Yes! I Want A Profitable Online Wellness Business!

If You Are a Health Coach or Wellness Practitioner who is:

  • Burning out from juggling 1:1 clients around your schedule and the constant scope creep that infringes all-too-often on your free time (unpaid, of course).

  • Feeling trapped because your income is stuck. You know you need to structure your business differently and find a way to scale online but you can’t possibly work more and don’t have the desire or patience to figure it all out.

  • Tired of trying to create and sell one-off courses and band-aid solutions when you know your clients really need to work with you longer so you can go deeper and help them get the transformation they truly need.

Then you are in the right place!

Here’s why building a highly profitable online wellness business has eluded you….UNTIL NOW

– Your passion and drive led you to dive head-first into completing your schooling and attaining several credentials and certifications – but those programs didn’t help prepare you for the realities of the online business world.

– So you worked for free, then slowly built up your clientele through referrals and trial and error. You were finally approaching a full-time income level but soon discovered what you built was not sustainable.

– Instead of feeling like a CEO, you are feeling like an employee. You’ve created yourself a job! A job where you are working so much harder at marketing and sales than serving your clients that you find yourself questioning is this even what I want to do anymore?

There is a solution, my friend. One where you can work less, serve more, and get paid what you deserve!

Introducing….The Wellness Business Mentorship

A high touch, high impact small group program for wellness entrepreneurs who want an enduring and enjoyable business with predictable profits.


My business went from non-existent to regular scheduled activities and processes. My creative ideas have been focused and put into action that created results. I have been in other programs before but none that that have inspired & created tangibles like Jill!

Kim Kohse

Wellness Business Mentorship

What You Get In The Wellness Business Mentorship

Step By Step Support & Accountability

Weekly live training and laser coaching sessions. You’ll implement what you learn and get real-time feedback in an intimate group setting. Finally, the customized support, accountability, and clear direction you’ve been waiting for to grow your wellness business!

The Wellness Business Mentorship Roadmap

Fly-by-night tactics and expensive tech are not needed to create a highly profitable and sustainable business. The roadmap is based on proven principles of sales & marketing. You’ll incorporate strategies that save you time, energy, and money so you can stop guessing what to do and confidently align your actions with activities that yield the greatest return on investment.

Private Facebook Group Community

The support and community you need to create success! The group is a safe space for you to share, network, and connect with like-minded wellness business owners who are on a similar path as you. Get support, homework reviews and all your questions answered.

12 Months Access To The Program Library

Clients will get 12 months full access to The Wellness Business Mentorship membership site including all recorded trainings, handouts, workbooks, and materials. No need to worry about missing a week or falling behind. You’ll be able to catch replays, re-watch, or re-read to reinforce everything you’ve learned for an extra 6 months after the program concludes.

Done For You Templates and Resources

Easily implement everything you are learning with my library of done for you, plug and play templates including email messaging campaigns, website copy, direct messaging scripts, and sales consult strategy session templates. Save time and frustration starting from scratch with proven tools that work and can be customized to fit your own voice.

Private Call With Me

You will get plenty of access to me directly in this program through laser session calls, email and the private Facebook group, but I know the power of having a one on one call to sort things out is sometimes just what you need. So, for a limited time only, I am offering a private call with me which can be used anytime you need to during our time together!



A review of your social media profiles and an individualized plan to optimize them to get your visitors to take action!


Craft a powerful, captivating introduction you can use in conversation, as well as a longer version for podcast intros and PR!


Investment: $450 x 6 months = $2700

Yes! I Want A Profitable OnlineWellness Business!

I see you, aspiring, ambitious health coach



After spending 20 years in corporate HR and witnessing so many colleagues suffer from stress-related health conditions, I knew that there had to be a better way. I wanted to help other time-starved, energy-drained, multi-tasking, hard-working professionals feel good again so I became a Certified Health Coach and Certified Workplace Wellness Ambassador.
Although I had the knowledge and skills to help people make positive healthy changes in their lives, I quickly realized I had a lot to learn about how to find clients and create a business that had legs.
The infinite amount of disparate tactics being promoted all over the internet left me confused and unclear about what I really needed to do to succeed.
Through my experience and trials, support from experienced coaches, and going full-out on my own self-development journey I learned how to lean into my strengths, cut out all the noise, and get focused.
I’m passionate about helping you create a highly profitable business built for long-term, sustainable, lasting success. Let’s make your vision for the lifestyle you wish to create a reality!

How would it feel to create a 6 figure stream of income in your business?



Proven Principles. Real Accountability. Results-Driven.

What Is Covered In The Wellness Business Mentorship?

Phase 1: Clarity & Confidence

Clear Ideal Client & Vision

EGet clarity on your ideal client and ideal lifestyle so you can design a highly profitable business you’re passionate about.

CEO Mindset & Self-Leadership Habits

Establish success habits and self-leadership skills to achieve your desired vision.

Schedule & Clear Action Plan

Maximize your time and energy, prioritize and focus so you can zero in on exactly what you need to do and eliminate the rest.

Market Research & Validation

Use market research and social listening to validate your signature program concept and prime your audience to enroll.

Phase 2: Audience Accelerator

Strategic Content Plan

Create a targeted messaging strategy including a content calendar and distribution plan that fits your schedule.

Lead Attraction Plan

Establish success habits and self-leadership skills to achieve your desired vision.

Lead Nurture System

Authentically engage with your ideal clients through relationship building messaging that creates value and positions you as a top leader and trusted expert.

Phase 3: Signature Group Program

Design & Package

Design your winning group program structure and precisely plan your program content to enhance your client’s journey and maximize results.

Logistics & Delivery

Organize the logistics and delivery processes of your program so you create a smooth, consistent experience for your clients while automating where possible.

Positioning & Pricing

Perfectly position and price your program so you can clearly and confidently communicate the immense value of working with you and firmly establish your program as an irreplaceable gamechanger!

Phase 4: Repeatable Launch System

Pre-Launch Plan

Create your pre-launch game plan so you know exactly what to do each day and your ideal clients will be lining up to join your program when you open cart!

Launch Plan

Create your launch strategy and plan so your conversion event is a huge success and you are able to fill your group program and hit the revenue targets you’ve set!

Post-Launch Plan

Use the post-launch period to gather direct feedback from your audience so you can optimize your launch system and get more buyers with every launch.

Investment: $450 x 6 months = $2700

Yes! I Want To Join The Wellness Business Mentorship!

My Mission Is To Help You Achieve Your Mission

  • One thing I know for certain is that you’ve got a VOICE THAT NEEDS TO BE HEARD by a larger audience.

  • You have the power to change lives and inspire others to become their healthiest, highest self in the process…

  • The RIPPLE EFFECT of this blows my mind and is what DRIVES me every.single.day.

  • My mission is to help you make a bigger impact and help start a movement where the new NORM is healthy and well instead of sick, tired, and obese.

  • I want you to achieve the financial abundance you seek, do work that you love, and reap the rewards of personal fulfillment, financial security, while building a legacy you can be proud of.

  • I want you to achieve the financial abundance you seek, do work that you love, and reap the rewards of personal fulfillment, financial security, while building a legacy you can be proud of.

It is possible!


What Makes The Wellness Business Mentorship So Different?

This is a small group, intimate atmosphere where you will get the step by step direction and hand-holding you’ve been craving but not getting anywhere else.

No getting lost in the herd or slipping through the cracks.

No weeding through a library of information trying to figure out how to apply it by yourself.

No overwhelm as we’ll be breaking down each lesson into manageable pieces.

You’ll be LEARNING and DOING.

You’ll have assigned action items each week and support and accountability to stay on track and get it all done!

The mentorship is designed to take you through a distinct process in a logical order that builds upon each lesson resulting in a sustainable and scalable business model.

You’ll avoid common pitfalls such as:

  • Charging full steam ahead booking one on one clients and then feeling burned out trying to keep up and on edge because your monthly income is so dependent on having a full roster

  • Creating tons of social media content without any rhyme or reason only to hear crickets

  • Building your amazing group program only to discover no one wants to buy it

  • Spending tons of time and money on your website and investing in courses, books, and software that are supposed to help you build your business but just let you down

  • Feeling like your always missing a piece and should have this all figured out by now

  • Lacking the confidence, focus, and clear direction to really move your business forward

Investment: $450 x 6 months = $2700

I’m Ready To Grow A Highly Profitable  Wellness Business!

Your Step by Step Roadmap To Success


When You Join The Wellness Business Mentorship You Get:

  • INDIVIDUALIZED SUPPORT 6-month’s of support that’s laser-focused on taking your business to the next level. Together, we’ll craft your in-demand, high-ticket offer and position it to attract the right fit clients and deliver exceptional results!
  • LIVE TRAINING Weekly Live Training Sessions to go over each topic and give you simple action items to implement each week. (All sessions recorded).
  • WEEKLY PERSONALIZED COACHING Weekly Laser Coaching Sessions with Jill to keep your momentum at full steam! All sessions will be recorded and you will have the opportunity to submit your questions ahead of time if you can’t make it live.
  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY Access to a Private Facebook Community for questions, accountability, networking and support during the program.
  • A PRIVATE CALL WITH ME Use anytime throughout the program you feel stuck or need a bit more in-depth attention. I will make myself available to help you succeed!
  • BONUS: SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE AUDIT I’ll review your social media profiles and provide feedback on how to optimize them to get your visitors to take action.
  • BONUS: NAIL YOUR ELEVATOR PITCH You’ll craft a powerful, clear, concise statement you can use to make a lasting impression in conversation, as well as a longer version you can use for podcast introductions, your website, and in your marketing materials.

One of the key ingredients to your success in business will be your ability to focus on the appropriate things at the right time –

… and ignore all the shiny objects that sound like a good idea but are just distracting you from growing.

This is why we make accountability and support the cornerstones of this program – so you can be sure you’re always taking the right steps. We’ve got your back!

At The End Of This Program You’ll Have:

  • An online business that is up and running and designed for profitability.

  • Complete clarity on how to structure your time, the order of things to focus on, and what to do each day to achieve your business goals.

  • A content marketing plan that attracts your ideal clients while saving you time and energy

  • Designed your entire group program and set up your delivery method

  • Created reliable processes to generate and qualify leads, nurture them and convert them to paying clients

  • A streamlined plan to launch your group program as often as you’d like so you can create consistent, recurring revenue on demand

  • Confidence, clarity, focus, and peace of mind that you’re building your business on your terms

You have 2 Options Right Now:


Continue spinning your wheels and wearing yourself out trying to piece together a strategy that works on your own….


Or you can fast-track your success and avoid years of frustration and wasted money by getting the hands on coaching, guidance, and mentorship you need to create a profitable and sustainable business you love.

If You Are Ready To:

  • Create a plan to consistently increase your monthly income without burnout

  • Package your unique combination of expertise and passion into a 6+ Figure Income

  • Simplify the way you do business without sacrificing your results

  • Attract more opportunities and by positioning yourself as a wellness thought leader

  • Commit to making your vision a reality and give your ambitions the attention they deserve….

Investment: $450 x 6 months = $2700

I’m Ready To Take My Wellness Business To The Next Level!

Need to Talk it Through?

Schedule a no-strings attached call to get all of your questions answered and see if the Wellness Business Mentorship is the right fit for you.



Who is this program for?

This program is for health and wellness coaches and service-based business owners who want to skyrocket to six figures and beyond. You will learn how to elevate your offers to be best in class, create predictable revenue, and leverage your time and energy.

What's included in The Wellness Business Mentorship?

You’ll receive comprehensive 360 degree support in this program including weekly live sessions with Jill,, 24×7 support in our private Facebook community, and access to our member site with dozens of in-depth trainings, templates, swipe files and resources. You’ll get personal attention on all of your work, plus a social media audit session and elevator pitch session.

What makes WBM different?

The Wellness Business Mentorship is not a course or unfocused mastermind. We will join together to help you create a profit-producing, joyful business that starts by getting clear on the lifestyle YOU want. You will identify your unique IP (intellectual property) and develop it into a signature core offer and learn how to continually enhance that offer to catapult you into a category of one. You’ll learn how to leverage your program and develop multiple streams of income with your IP.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! Simply select the monthly option when you check out. Note: By paying in full, you can save 10% so if this method works better, choose the pay in full option.

How do I get help and feedback during the program?

Each week Jill hosts a live session (on Zoom). You will have the opportunity to sign up for live laser coaching sessions, submit materials for review, and get personalized feedback. All calls will be recorded and accessible to all participants. You can also receive direct feedback in the Facebook group in between calls.

What if I fall behind? Will I be able to catch up?

As a busy mom I sure do understand how unpredictable schedules and additional responsibilities can get in the way of your ambitions at times. My goal is to help you build a business that creates the life you want and gives you time to take care of you. I’ll help you create your own personal CEO schedule to fit your current circumstances in the hours you have available. You’ll focus on the activities that produce the greatest ROI and discard the rest. Plus, don’t forget, you will get access to all of the live call recordings and program materials for a full 12 months!