If you’re a Health Coach, Personal Trainer, or Wellness Consultant and you might be wondering how the pandemic is going to affect your business.
Maybe you’re asking yourself:
Should I stop marketing?
Is it insensitive to promote my business?
Are people willing to invest in my program?
It’s normal to ask these questions. Let’s look at your options:
1) You suspend all marketing efforts.  No launches, no offers, no consults. You let your email list and social media audiences go cold while you overthink and stress out over the current situation.
2) You blast your offers all over the place. You only post about your business regardless of what else is going on in the world. You use the same marketing as always or worse, employ fear tactics to scare people into action.
3) You continue to market your services, because they are valuable! Your work improves lives and is important. You keep your launches, keep emailing your list, keep posting, and keep podcasting. However, your MESSAGING shifts to address the current state of the world we’re in. You might need to pivot your offer from offline to online as well.
In reading these different responses, it becomes obvious that panicking and pulling back will leave you without a business. Even if you think it is temporary, if you cut back too far today, you might not be positioned to thrive during the post-crisis recovery.
Marketing too aggressively and being tone-deaf to the current realities of the world won’t go over well either. This is a serious crisis, and neither ignoring it nor playing on people’s fears are good approaches.
The best approach is to pivot your message to address the current state of mind of your audience. Show concern and empathy, balanced with reality. Offer hope and possibility, while helping your audience focus on what they can do feel in control and establish a good sense of well-being.
How Can You Do This?
Here Are Three Tips:

1. Lead By Example

We are living in unprecedented times. Being in long-term quarantine is a new situation for everybody. Our way of life was forced to change on a dime. We are no longer free to go places and do things as we once did before. We aren’t able to see our loved ones in person. A lot of people are sitting at home bored. A lot of people are busier than ever (raises hand).  People want to see real-life examples of how others are coping and thriving through this time at home.
Ideas To Share:
-Your morning routine
-How you fit in exercise at home
-Cooking tips with limited non-perishable ingredients
-Additional vitamins, supplements, or habits you’re introducing to boost immunity

2. Share Credible Health Tips

As a health expert, people are looking to you for answers. They are relying on you to separate fact from fiction and help them navigate through the endless articles and news conferences and pull out the truth. You don’t have to be a doctor or scientist to serve your audience. You can share credible resources and relevant research and tips on mental health, stress, sleep, immunity, digestion, and nutrition. Seek out other health experts who you can partner with to write a guest blog or record an interview or podcast episode with.

3. Offer Reassurance and Perspective

Although the past few weeks have been intense, we have to remember that this crisis will eventually end. Help your audience make the most of the time they have with the resources they have available now. Remind them that it is okay to feel their emotions but not to freeze in fear or give up on their goals. If they find themselves with more time on their hands, how can they use this gift to create a better future for themselves? Has being quarantined helped them grow closer to their children, learn more patience, practice mindfulness, or learn new habits? Some of the greatest moments of innovation and resourcefulness come out of stressful times. Remind them of the possibilities and potential that’s to come.
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