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It is crucial we take care of ourselves and remember to take time to decompress from the fast-paced modern world and daily stress of life.

Chronic stress is a major contributor to poor health, hormonal imbalances, and disease. Making self-care a priority is not selfish, it’s about self-preservation.

Finally, a practical toolkit that gives you a personalized self-care plan so you can thrive at work, at home, and in all you do!

If you struggle to make self-care a priority, this toolkit will empower you to find balance, restore vitality, and bring back the joy in your life!

Discover over 100 activities spanning all dimensions of well-being so you can build the life you want to live!


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Boost your well-being and prevent burnout

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Your Self-Care Toolkit includes:

Self-Care Guide: Discover what “self-care” really means, why we ignore it, and how you can start practicing it every day even with a busy schedule.

Multi-dimensional Action Plan: Create your personalized self-care plan with tons of suggested activities and ideas for you to explore. 

Coping Strategies: Identify the barriers that come between you and your self-care intentions so you can eliminate them and reaffirm your commitment to taking care of you!

Physical – Emotional – Social – Intellectual – Occupational – Financial – Social – Spiritual


Created by: Jill Kane, CHC, CMWA


I help fast growing entrepreneurs and small business owners avoid burnout and create the people and systems infrastructure needed to support them at the next level of business.