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You know you need a signature program, one that will attract clients to you because it delivers results and allows you to stand out in the noisy online world.

One that allows you to grow and scale your coaching business – so you can 10x your impact and income!

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Creating your own program has been on your agenda for months, maybe even years. Everytime you gear up to start working on it, other priorities seem to get in the way. You procrastinate and push it off because it’s a daunting undertaking.

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for. Rise Up & Thrive is a versatile, comprehensive, brandable program that you can take and implement in your business immediately. Add your branding and you instantly have a polished, professional, results-focused, life-changing program that will transform your business in oh-so-many ways!

Here are just a few ways “Rise Up & Thrive” program can help take your business to the next level:

-Online or in person group coaching

-Online or in person individual coaching

-Use individual modules to host live talks

-Use individual modules to deliver a workshop at an organization, yoga studio, gym, or wellness center

-Use modules as a complete program or individually as your client’s need them

I offer a unique package for Health Coaches and Wellness Service Providers. I don’t want to see you struggle or feel stuck or alone in your business.

I’m proud to offer you this comprehensive, completely done for you signature program that is editable and fully customizable (just add your logo in the spots labeled “Add Your Logo Here”, change the file names, and save your documents as pdfs and your good to go!).

This program was developed 100% by me. I am an experienced fitness competitor, Health Coach, Workplace Wellness Ambassador, and 20 year corporate HR veteran!  I long to create a greater impact in this world which is why I am so passionate about helping Health and Wellness experts serve as many clients as possible. With a laser-focused strategy, repeatable systems, and high-quality content you will be able to attract your ideal clients on demand.

The more people you reach the greater the impact we can make together. Clients will line up to listen to you when you show up as the expert that you are. Health and Wellness Professionals are going to change the world! We have the power to reach so many people and transform the healthcare industry. This is my mission. Let me make it easy on you.

What’s Included:

  • Complete Done-For-You, Brandable Program Including Both Facilitator And Client Materials

  • Long-Form Sales Page Copy To Use On Your Site (And Grab Bits From To Create Social Media Marketing Posts Or Emails)

  • 3 Strategy Calls To Help You Set Up And Integrate This Program Into Your Business To Maximize Profits And Leverage Your Time.

What’s Included In Your Facilitator Materials:

  • Weekly Set Up Cheat Sheet – Your communications schedule so you know exactly what to send to your clients and when to send it.

  • High-Quality Presentation Slides – Gorgeous PowerPoint slide deck for each module topic. Easy to use for in-person workshops or in your online group program. Quizzes, videos, and breakout exercises to help keep it interesting and interactive!

  • Thoroughly Detailed Faciliator Notes – Your word for word guide so you know exactly what to say for each slide during your presentation as well as sidebar tips to help you increase engagement and enhance learning.

  • Engaging and Inspiring Emails – Send your clients important meeting reminders, motivational messages, and tips to reinforce the topics of the week.

  • Daily Social Media Images + Post Text – Great for generating conversation amongst participants during the week between calls in your group program. Share posts as text messages or emails to private clients to show them some extra love. The attention and accountability will ensure your clients feel completely supported.

  • Healthy You Activities – Each module has homework for your clients to keep them on track and get them taking action on the things they are learning about. Some activities you will do with them live on your calls, some with be done on their own, and some will be done with a wellness buddy. These different modes of learning will help your clients figure out what works best for them, boosts their confidence, and increases their chances for success!

  • Wellness Buddy Program – You have the option to pair up participants as wellness buddies within your program. This is a great extra layer of support for your clients and makes the program more fun for them too!

What’s Included In Your Client Materials:

  • Participant Guide – Your clients will be able to follow along during your presentation with this interactive guide. They will have the pertinent information they need about each module topic right at their fingertips.

  • Healthy You Activities – Assignments designed to ingrain new healthier habits, get results, and create a sense of personal accomplishment for your clients.

  • Handouts, Guides, Cheat Sheets, Workbooks – Each module is packed with additional resources and materials for your clients to personalize what they are learning and apply it to their own lives.

  • Client Meal Plan Template, Shopping List, Home/Gym Weight Training and Cardio Plans, and More!

  • 7 Day Reset Program – Gift your clients with this bonus program to help them easily get back on track any time they need it. Meal plan, shopping list, strength training program, and cardio plan included. You can use this as a time-sensitive bonus in marketing Rise Up & Thrive to your audience.

    All together you’ll receive 10 sets of presentation slides, facilitator notes, communication schedules, and healthy you activities (homework assignments), 30 pre-written client emails, 70 social media images and posts, 10 participant guides, 50+ client handouts, guides, cheat sheets and workbooks, the 7 Day Reset Plan, and much much more! You’ll receive done-for-you copy to plug into your sales page with specific instructions on how to alter it to zero in on your exact target client. Finally, you’ll get 3 personal calls with me to help you strategize an implement the program within your business to help you get on the fast track to increased profits!

What Does The “Rise Up & Thrive” Program Cover?

Take a Peak At What’s Inside The Full Program Below!



Take advantage of this opportunity to invest in growing and scaling your business! Email me to learn more about how you can use this program and finally create the results in your business that you’ve been after. Book your FREE consultation: https://consultationwithjill.as.me/




Before you can teach your clients what they need to know about eating healthier, proper exercise, and improving lifestyle habits, they must uncover their why. The goal of this module is to help your clients mentally prepare for a successful transformation. By instilling the mindset of a true champion your clients will be able to sustain momentum without having to rely on motivation or willpower. You’ll help your clients create an inspiring vision, set empowering goals, and reaffirm belief in themselves so they can achieve the success they desire. 



There’s a lot of confusion about what to eat and how to eat to lose weight and keep it off. In this module your clients will create a healthy, balanced, personalized shopping list filled with nutritious foods that they love. You’ll teach them an easy way to scan food labels and differentiate between real health claims and marketing mumbo jumbo. Your clients will receive lots of tools to help them get clear and confident in choosing high-quality, health-promoting foods, and understanding the role each macronutrient plays in their bodies.



Now that you’re clients understand how to identify and shop for high-quality foods, they need to learn how to prepare, cook, and put together tasty meals and snacks. Using the flexible meal planner, your clients will learn how to combine their favorite foods to create delicious meals quickly and easily. You’ll show them how to make smart substitutions and begin a simple meal prep process that will help them save time in the kitchen. Recipes, snack ideas and a food journal are included as well.



Similar to the topic of nutrition, there is a lot of confusion about exercise when it comes to creating a lean and healthy body. Whether your clients are sedentary beginners or experienced gym-goers, this module will meet them where they are and help take their fitness to the next level. Your clients will learn how to boost their non-exercise calorie burn through intentional movement to help them drop pounds effortlessly. This module also includes strength training and cardio programs for beginners and experienced exercisers (gym and at home versions available for both levels).



Chronic stress is a major contributor to poor health and weight loss resistance. In this module, your clients will learn about the major sources of stress and how stress shows up in their bodies and harms their overall health and well-being. Your clients will create their own stress relief plan to minimize and avoid unnecessary stress and learn strategies to remain calm, centered and resilient when challenges present. You’ll share specific techniques to lower stress so your clients can restore hormone balance naturally.



In this module, your clients will learn how poor quality sleep impacts the body and brain, and like chronic stress, is a major culprit of weight loss resistance. Your clients will create their own night time routines to ensure their bodies rest and recover completely so they can master each day. You’ll help your clients optimize their nutrition and choose foods that help the body heal and prepare for deep, restorative sleep. 



Your body is always talking to you. Are you listening? Unfortunately, many of us are unable to hear our body’s signals because we have been conditioned to follow diet rules and embrace black and white thinking when it comes to food and exercise. In this module, you will help your clients re-establish the connection between mind and body through mindful eating and exercise habits. Your clients will learn how to handle food triggers, self-sabotaging urges, and emotional hunger in a way that serves them without derailing their progress.



When you’re in the process of upleveling your life and creating new, healthier habits, you have to deal with your external environment. You’re ready to show up differently – more confident, focused, and determined to make your healthy habits your new norm. But what happens if your environment – namely, the people who you spend the most time with – don’t get it. In this module, your clients learn how to manage their relationships and prioritize their time in accordance with their values and goals. 




The focus of this module is to teach your clients how to bring more joy and ease into their lives by practicing frequent self-care. Your clients will learn how to create a self-care plan that helps them recharge and refocus while opening themselves up to experience more joy and fulfillment in their lives. Clients will proactively identify when self-care is needed and create a plan that helps them remove the barriers that are preventing them from taking care of themselves now.

WEEK 10:


The final module is all about how your clients can set themselves up for long-term, sustainable weight loss success. They will learn how to apply the 10 most effective success habits proven to help people keep weight off for life. They will also learn how to measure progress accurately and make adjustments to their program so they will never plateau or get bored with their routine. Your clients will learn how to ingrain their powerful vision so thoroughly that their brains expect success and treat it as inevitable instead of simply a possibility.




When life throws a curveball and you unintentionally fall off track and lose momentum it can be a huge mental hurdle to get back into the swing of things. The 7 Day Reset is the perfect way to rededicate yourself after a layoff from your healthy living routine. For 7 days your clients will eat pure, simple, nutritious, fat-burning meals and build their strength and endurance back up with progressive exercise. Your clients will also receive a 7 day guided meditation exercise to help them get their mindset focused back on taking care of themselves.



In addition to the complete program you will get done-for-you sales page copy, sales page set up tips, and 3 calls with me to outline your launch strategy and integrate this powerful program into your business!

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