It’s time we replace self-loathing with self-love and acceptance.

The message behind International No Diet Day is to feel proud of your body no matter what shape you are currently in or what your body looks like. It’s a day to declare freedom from dieting and body shaming. It’s a day to bring awareness to the many victims of eating disorders, weight discrimination, and stop the proliferation of diet obsession and the idea of one “right” body shape.

How You Should Celebrate This Day (and every day):

  • Recognize that your worth is not determined by a number on the scale or your clothing size.
  • Eat healthy nutritious foods because your body deserves the best and you’re worth it. Eat for good health and don’t beat yourself up if you have a treat.
  • Express gratitude for what your body can do rather than how it looks. Be grateful you can walk, that your heart is beating, there is air in your lungs, and that your mind is sharp as a tack. Be excited that you did one more minute of exercise or were able to carry your toddler back to bed when he fell asleep on the couch.
  • Treat your body with respect and compassion. Good health doesn’t have to be hard. It isn’t about depriving, punishing, hating, or bullying yourself into better habits. Treat yourself with the same love you have for your friends and family, and partner with your body instead of plotting against it.
  • Accept and love yourself unconditionally, always.

You might be thinking “what a lovely message but what if I don’t exactly love how I feel in my body right now?”

I want to let you know there is a big difference between body compassion and self-acceptance versus complacency.

Complacency means you have accepted less than your full potential and are okay with that. Essentially, being complacent is a cop-out. It’s a way to justify giving up and expecting more of yourself. Sometimes we stay in complacency due to fear but more often than not we are unaware that we are even complacent!

Acceptance means you have decided to be fully aware of the present moment no matter how painful or pleasant the moment is. You acknowledge where you are and that the power to change is within you.  You love yourself exactly where you are and use that positive emotion to move forward even if you stumble a million times.

Interesting Fact: Did you know the first International No Diet Day was celebrated in the UK in 1992? A few years later, more countries joined the movement and the message of body acceptance spread worldwide. Now we have lots of similar wellness holidays: International Size Acceptance Day and Love Your Body Day.

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