A total well-being program designed specifically for busy leaders.

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“Does This Sound Familiar?”

Your career success should never cost you your health! Get the strategies, tools, coaching and support you need to build habits for life that lead to achieving a state of peak health and wellness. Unlock your full potential and feel great doing it!

The demands of today’s modern hurry-up, do more, multi-tasking lifestyle have taken a toll on you:

  • You feel overwhelmed and overstressed
  • You are exhausted and burned out
  • You are not taking care of yourself and feel frustrated and stuck

You are supposed to feel accomplished but you don’t. You have achieved “success”, climbing the corporate ladder with consistent promotions and recognition throughout your career yet, you are not happy. Each time your career advanced you ended up working more and more hours for a bit more pay.

You feel pressure to be accessible and respond to emails and phone calls well past normal business hours.

You are ‘results-driven’ even if that means you ignore your health, miss spending time with your family and never get a real vacation where you can totally disconnect from your demanding workload.

You wish you had time to go to the gym and prepare healthier meals but you have no energy and feel drained after working all day. You don’t like how tight your clothes have become or how you look in them. You wish there was a way to get in shape that was simple and effective and could fit into your busy schedule.

Work has consumed your life and your identity.

You want more for yourself but you feel obligated to continue on this path.

You have worked so hard and don’t want to fail or give up.

You need to provide for your family so you tell yourself to push through each challenge, but you fear that you will not be able keep up this pace and eventually something is going to give.

What is the ultimate cost? 

Your well-being is much too valuable to be sacrificed. It doesn’t have to be this way! 

Your Journey to Success Begins Here… 

Interestingly, when I decided to launch my business and I was under an enormous amount of stress, I began to “surround myself” with uber-successful people. No, I don’t personally know any billionaires or famous people. I surrounded myself with them by reading books, blogs, and listening to podcasts during my hour-plus long commute to and from work.

It empowered me to listen to their stories. I paid extra attention to the language they used and realized that way they thought was so different from how I thought. One of the most common themes I discovered had to do with the “morning routine” of the most successful people.

You might think it would involve getting up before dawn, heading straight for the inbox and putting in 10-14 hour work days. Wrong! So wrong!

For most, their morning routines were much more mindful, healthy and purposeful. They set the tone for their day by addressing their self-care FIRST.

Most involved:

  • Simple stretches to wake up
  • Yoga or transcendental meditation
  • Exercise
  • A healthy breakfast – rich in protein, vitamins and ‘superfoods’
  • Time in nature or alone to relax or write and journal
  • A strict, self-imposed rule against logging into email or taking business calls before a set time
  • Very specific work hours which they stuck to

And their to-do lists?

They didn’t load them up with non-important busy work. They delegated all of those tasks. They focused on their #1 task first and scheduled it during their personal peak energy times when they knew they felt their best. Not at the end of the day. They eliminated distractions. They set limits on how often to check email. They only had meetings when necessary. They were masters at PRIORITIZING their energy to get the most important things done. Always.

The way they became successful was not by working LONGER hours, staying LATE and putting off self-care; it was by having a series of interconnected SYSTEMS in place in all important areas in life. Following a SYSTEM over and over again eventually leads to becoming a habit.

This is the KEY to TIME, ENERGY and STRESS management!

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Let me teach you the systems you need to flip your overworked, pressure-driven lifestyle into a health and happiness first lifestyle.

If you are operating from a state where your cup is never full and you are giving from a place where you are depleted, you are not giving your best stuff. Not your best ideas, not your most energized self for your kids and not your most attentive self. If you always have a full cup and concentrate on doing things that fill your cup to overflow, you will be giving from a place of overflow. This means you are giving your best self. And giving from this state makes you feel great, worthy and happy. Giving from this place makes your cup overflow even more. When you are operating at your highest potential (notice this has nothing to do with your job) then you can lead by inspiration – which is the most impactful way to lead.

This program takes a holistic approach to well-being that fits with the realities of your current lifestyle. You will learn how to work differently, more effectively and make consistent progress working towards the goals in life that really drive you. You will up-level your lifestyle from one focused on surviving to one where you are thriving and enjoying it to the fullest!

You will learn to create a new lifestyle of total well-being so you can succeed both personally and professionally:

  • Get fit with simple and effective workouts that work with your busy lifestyle
  • Optimize your nutrition to achieve a lean, fit body without deprivation or complicated meal plans
  • Achieve supreme clarity and mental function
  • Lead with confidence and effectiveness
  • Engage employees who look up to you as a leader and mentor
  • Look and feel great as you face your day with more energy and less stress

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