There are two reasons why you may be attracting people who are not quite the right fit for your services, or not attracting clients at all.

External Reasons

The most obvious first step is to audit your content. Your social media profiles, website copy, video and written content need to align to one cohesive message. Audit your social media bios, posts, stories, videos, blogs, and other outward facing content and ask yourself:
If a total stranger were to land on this page would they instantly be able to tell what you do and what you help?
Put this to the test by asking someone to review your content for you. Remember, clear and concise is far more important than using filler words and complicated jargon. Clarity beats cleverness every day, especially when you consider the average attention means you have just a few seconds to stop the scroll.
You can up-level your content game by:
  • Using the same words and phrases your ideal client uses to describe their situation and their desires. If you don’t know, ask! Hosting a few, short virtual coffee chats will prove invaluable and help you get a deeper understanding of exactly where your ideal clients struggles lie.
  • Pre-qualifying through the types of content and questions you post. If you are tired of price objections or speaking with prospects who are really resistant to change, you can screen them through your content. Yes, before you even speak with them. For example, to attract high performers you can speak to the fact that they’ve prioritized their career over health for many years and now they are ready to take back control. You can preface your posts and include language in your copy that speaks to exactly where they are in their journey. For example: Ease into yoga vs. Perfect your asanas would attract two very different audiences. One is a beginner and the other is a more advanced practitioner.
  • Positioning yourself as an expert who has the answers. Speaking and writing are two of the most powerful ways to elevate your status in the online world. Consider including more of both in your weekly marketing plan. Visibility to new audiences should be a priority. When you think of the shelf-life of a post vs. video (even live video can be downloaded and re-purposed), being interviewed, speaking on a virtual summit, podcast, or livestream show. Submit your blog posts to sites with high exposure such as Medium, LinkedIn, Forbes, and Inc.

Internal Reasons

What do you *really* believe about yourself, your ability to get results, and who you think you *should* be in order to have success?
When your current identity is incongruent with the results you are trying to achieve you will face resistance. That resistance looks like:
  • Attracting no clients / or the wrong people
  • Overwhelm
  • Exhaustion
  • Staring at a blank screen trying to find the words to type

Your internal world dictates your external results. How do we get back into integrity with ourselves so we can put our best, most authentic selves out into the world and start to RECEIVE?

You’re always manifesting, whether you are conscious of it or not.
So if you are doing the work and not getting the results there is something underneath the surface that is blocking you.
Alignment is when your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all aligned for one common goal.
If you’re experiencing negative thoughts and self-doubt but trying to create posts you are going to feel resistance. You might be drawing a blank and second-guessing everything you are doing.
Maybe you are getting on the phone with prospects but you are attracting the wrong people. This may be due to your content and positioning and qualifying but all of those processes are driven by how you are showing up in your own life. If you want to have a full time lucrative business with full programs and consistent clients you’re identity has to first match that of a person who is already at that level.
Visioning is a crucial piece to getting what you want in life. Imagine we are 7 months from now in the middle of next year. Let’s pretend things are much closer to normal than they are now. You’ve left your job and are working in your business full time. What does this look like for you? How much income are you bringing in? How many clients are you serving? When do you have these calls? What do your days look and feel like?
At the beginning of his career, Jim Carrey future dated a check for $10 million dollars. I think this is a great idea to solidify the intention in your mind and allow your subconscious mind to truly grasp this intention as reality.
What can you do to make envisioning a powerful compelling future more real?
Feelings of overwhelm, frustration, and being stuck come from not being clear on your end goal. End goal meaning a short-term goal you believe on some level that is in your reach in the next 12 months you can feel it, see it, imagine it. Practice that visioning every single day. The resistance will go away.
And magically you WILL start to attract clients. Because you’re shifting your identity to who you need to become to have the things you want to have. Be the successful millionaire business owner. Be the athletic, fit, beautiful, health conscious expert, be the best selling author, TedX speaker and whatever that is. Be it in your mind every day and the actions will follow your thoughts. This is when things become more of a joy and less hustle and uphill heaviness and when the law of attraction starts happening for you. I know it is hard to stay positive, especially this year, but life really is abundant. You can make any change you want and have anything you want you just have to be it in your mind first. Give yourself the mental space to do this.