What is a signature program or offer?


A signature program is one that you are known for. It can also be called your core offer, your main offer or your flagship offer. When people hear your name they immediately know you’re the person who offers that “thing” and that thing can be a product, a service, or a program. 


Here are some examples of signature offers:


–irobot has tons of products but they are best known for the Roomba

–Dr. Robert Atkins is known for the low-carb, high-fat Atkins’ Diet

–Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn is known for being the founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Consider the people who are experts in your industry that you follow. Do they have a podcast or a book? That can give a clue about what they are best known for.

In the health & wellness industry a few people come to my mind:

Shawn Stevenson – He is the host of “The Model Health Show” podcast and has a book: “Sleep Smarter.” He has done extensive research into sleep and has established himself as an authority in his niche.

Sara Wilson – She had a hugely successful online program called “I Quit Sugar” and a book by the same name as well as several e-cookbooks. She has sold millions of copies of her book and had millions of people through her program. (Incidently, I checked her website and found she has gone in a different direction and is now focused on food and sustainability, anxiety and zero waste as of last year. However, in doing research for this article it was her “I Quit Sugar” program I remembered her for!)

As you can see, a signature program can help catapult your career and establish you as the go-to coach in your area of expertise.  When you have a clear message and offer a highly targeted outcome, people will remember you!  Your program becomes a poweful tool to draw people to you and your brand.


Ok, let’s talk about the many benefits of create your signature group program!


4 Major Benefits of Having A Signature Group Program


1. It Simplifies Your Business
How many different programs do you currently offer in your business? I really want you to take a look at how many offers you have on your website and the price point of each and how well they convert. Chances are there are probably a couple of offers that are not performing as well as you’d like.
Maybe you have offers that look really similar and your people are confused which one would be best for them. A confused mind will click away and not bother emailing you to find out the difference.
Some Health Coaches think that the more offers they have the more people will be interested but what actually happens is that people tune out. The second they come to your website and realize they have to work to figure out which of your programs is the best fit for them they often will click away. Even if they like you and love everything you offer, if it is confusing for them they will often times stop and turn their attention to something else. It’s just human nature.
Make sure if you have more than one offer the differences between those offers is crystal clear to a brand new person coming to your website, or checking out your social media accounts.

Your signature program helps you simplify your business because you only have to concentrate on marketing ONE offer instead of multiple offers. You’ll have one main message and say it a thousand different ways. Marketing becomes easier because your attention is not divided. You can go all in on one offer until it is maximized or you want to change.


2. It’s a Mechanism for Creating Recurring Revenue
Having a group program is a great way to create recurring revenue. There are a number of ways you can structure your program and payments to create this recurring revenue.  You can have a group program with a defined start date and defined end date and launch it. This way everyone goes through the content on the same schedule. You can have an open enrollment type of program where people can join at any time and they get access to pre-recorded content and then you host weekly or biweekly group calls for questions and answers and hot seats. Alternatively, you can have it set up like a program plus continuity program where your program/content/modules go for a set period of time and are followed up with ongoing support and accountability implementing what you have learned for an addition period of time. 



Payments: You can have a pay in full (PIF) price and a payment plan price which is usually a monthly payment. Your PIF can be at a slight discount but a good percentage will take the payment plan which then creates recurring revenue. For example, your pay in full price could be $1997 for your 3 month program or 3 payments of $799 ($2K if they pay in full, $2400 if they pay month to month).


3. You Can Morph Your Signature Group Program into a Variety of Income Streams Without Starting From Scratch

You can turn your signature group program into workshops, courses, content for your membership site, talking points for your in-person trainings, speaking engagements and so much more. It is so much easier to create one signature offer and then take pieces of content from that program to create everything else.
For example my done for you program for Health Coaches, “Rise Up and Thrive” is focused on sustainable, permanent weight loss and healthy habit lifestyle change. The program consists of 10 detailed modules and can be shaped into a 3 or 6 month program, depending upon how many weeks you allot to each module and how often you’d like to host group calls. There are modules on: reading food labels, meal planning, building an exercise routine, diffusing stress, sleeping better, emotional eating, self-care, social eating, and habit change, just to name a few. This is my signature group program. I can now take these individual modules and sell them as individual programs OR host a workshop on one of these topics OR give a talk on one of these topics. I can use it with my one on one clients or create a membership site and release one each month for paying members. There are SO many options but none of them require any major work on my part other than marketing it. The program materials are already created. It will take time to create your group program but the time it will take to create these offshoot revenue streams will be far less.


4. It Builds Community and Enhances Retention Rates

This is one of the best reasons to create a group program! One on one coaching and support is great, but many of your clients will do just as well, if not better, in a group setting. I always though my one on one clients needed that personal attention and would not be open to a group coaching model. I was under the impression that they would feel a group program would provide enough support, however, I found the opposite to be true in practice! When I ran my first online healthy eating group program, the first few sessions the participants were a little quiet and guarded. I decided to create some room for engagement, by doing live exercises, and providing opportunities to work together in groups during our sessions. This sparked a lot of interesting discussion, sharing, and learning. People began to relate and connect with each other. They looked forward to our group calls and participating in our discussions. For some, it was the only support they had and it meant a ton for them to have that sense of belonging. Your clients get the best of both worlds. They get top notch coaching and knowledge from you and support, accountability, and comradery from their new friends. Creating community helps with retention because people want to belong and will pay to stay a member of your program to have that continued support system.

I could go on and on about how beneficial creating a signature group program is for your business, but I think you get the point!

Interested in creating your own signature group program? Email me at: jill [at] jill-kane.com for more information of how we can work together to get your profitable program up and running.