Creating multiple streams of income makes sense.

Having only one source of income is like putting all your eggs in one basket. Should circumstances arise that wipe out that source of income, there is no backup plan. You’re 100 percent reliant on your one source for survival.

However, if you are overly focused on creating multiple offers in your business you may miss the forest for the trees.

Let me explain.

When I first started health coaching I created so many different offers.

I thought that giving lots of options and ways to work with me would be appealing for potential clients, but all it did was leave them confused!

A confused mind does not buy.

A confused mind decides NOT make a decision and not to choose any of the options available.

If you have multiple products, programs, workshops, VIP days, live events, and other promotions (paid or free) on your site, there’s a good chance your website visitors are confused too.

When you have too many offers, you are not able to give them the attention they deserve. Marketing becomes complex, evaluating and improving your offers gets harder, and you feel exhausted just trying to keep up!

It’s far more simple and practical to pour your energy into ONE core offer and make that successful before you add new offers to the mix.

That core offer then gets your full attention and you’re able to get results 10X faster.

Your core offer can be your signature program, course, coaching package, event, or even a product (or product bundle).

–It positions you to be know for something.

–It allows you to make tweaks and improvements along the way because you get to know your offer really well.

–It allows you to become even more expert and get better results for your clients and customers.

Once you have a solid core offer and know it sells, gets results, and is in demand…

Then you can scale it and move on.

Building a business is done layer by layer, not by trying to focus on doing everything all at once.