Your ideal clients and customers want to hire a specialist. Think about it. If you’re having problems with your vision, you see an eye doctor.  To keep your skin healthy you see a dermatologist. If you have a foot problem, you see a podiatrist.


When you label yourself as a Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Healthy Food Chef, or Nutritionist who works with everyone it doesn’t differentiate you for anyone else with the same title. You need to be more specific.


You need not just to clarify WHO you are for… (new mom’s, men over 40, traveling professionals, etc.) You also need to be clear about WHAT PROBLEM YOU SOLVE.

You’re in the business of TRANSFORMING LIVES!


You need to speak to the deeper burning problem that is at the root of it all.


  • What is your client not able to do because of the state of their current health and level of fitness?
  • What are they missing out on?
  • How does that make them feel?
  • How can you make them understand that you can help them?

It’s a fine line of showing knowledge and authority for your client to trust you can help them.  Showing vulnerability and relatability is essential for your client to see you get them and for you to create the space and opportunity for them to receive this help.


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